Ok, this might sound stupid, but I can not find a real document telling me how to use it and what it does...

What I have:
a LAMP server (used a Turnkey server) with z-push 1.5 and z-push 2.4 installed (2 different directories). Both can be accessed with:

Both asks for a U/P and gives me (well, it looks like) the correct response.
(GET not supported This is the Z-Push location and can only be accessed by Microsoft ActiveSync-capable devices)

So, it seems like I have a working solution.
HOW do I access mail using for example my iPhone?
This is running on my LOCAL LAN, so I suppose I need to get an A-Record for the server to access it from outside the LAN.

sorry if this sounds stupid, but the documentation on z-push is a bit in the 'air' and hard to come by...

Kind regards
Aubrey Kloppers
Cape Town
South Africa