hi Zimbra peoples

at work we use the iPad2 alot & in the beginning i was able to set up our Zimbra email account using the iPad email icon, but we did an iPad & sim card update & now we can only recieve emails & NOT SEND & when we try send the pop-up box on the iPad2 says:-

Cannot Send Mail
The user name or password for
"SMTP: officenorth@inanna.org.au@zimbra.inanna.org.au"
is incorrect

& everything is correct, what i can gather is happening is the 2nd @zimbra.inanna.org.au is being attached to the email address for some reason.

STEPS i've done are:-
* rang our service provider who suggested i contact Apple
* i rang Apple who gave me below information & then said if that doesn't work to contact Zimbra

info from Apple
* deleted the Zimbra account in the email settings
* re-booted the iPad2
* re-entred all of my email account information
* tried to send an email & nothing happens except i get the above pop-up message

please help as we have 11 iPads that we are using & workers are getting frustrated that they can no longer send emails

PS - with google mail & hotmail we have no problem