Dear All

I have ZCS OSE ver 7.1 running fine for sometime and recently stated separate z-push server ver 2.04

I downlaoded and installed as per docs and also installed the zimbra backend zimbra54-zpush2-zpush1-as12.1.tgz and used the zimbra z-push-2.

confiured the config.php as per install doc

now when I use my browser to http://ipaddress/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync it prompts me for a username and password box

when entering the my email username and password it just displays a blank screen

my /var/log/z-push/z-push.log shows

12/11/2012 00:34:13 [ 2979] [DEBUG] [user1] Including backend file: '/var/www/html/z-push/backend/zimbra/zimbra.php'
12/11/2012 00:34:13 [ 2979] [ WARN] [user1] /var/www/html/z-push/lib/core/zpush.php:445 Use of undefined constant ZIMBRA_USER_DIR - assumed 'ZIMBRA_USER_DIR' (8)

I just tried to sync my smart phone using the exchange option on the mobile but it just says cannot connect to server

appreciate if someone can help and advise where i can be wrong