Hello All,

I have a few queries regarding ZPUSH2 and ZIMBRA-8-Opensource Edition
1> Is it possible to setup Z Push2 Properly with Zimbra 8 OE
2> Does outlook 2003,2007,2010 & 2013 Sync Directly without any hacks / tricks
(asking because i have many novice users in my organization)
3> Do all Currently popular Mobile Devices (Android / Win.phn / iOS) sync completely ? or do they need extra apps to sync?
3.1> if they do ! is it possible to sync multiple accounts with them ?
4> if i use Z Push2; will multiple / different Zimbra accounts(diff. domains) be able to sync calendar, tasks, contacts and mail ?

I am really sorry as i think this is the wrong place form these questions but i don't know where exactly to ask them !