Testing ZCS 8.0.3 and now 8.0.4 with Blackberry Q10 running 10.1 firmware.

The devices have a bunch of personal IMAP accounts set up that may or may not be on ZCS. Then they have their work ZCS account set up as an Exchange server using Activesync.

Push mail, calendar and contacts seem to sync fine but the devices physically heat up and battery life goes down the drain. I am seeing max. 4 hours standby time.

Deleting the ZCS account from the device returns its performance to normal so I am reasonably certain that the issue is not the IMAP accounts or any rogue app the users might have installed.

The question now is: How do you best diagnose ActiveSync issues ?

We have support tickets with Zimbra and I will open a case on this but want to investigate beforehand so that I can make a more productive case.

Any pointers on what to look for ? It's clearly syncing over and over again or it would not be running hot like this. Something is in a cycle and I want to find out what it is.