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Thread: Clarification On Zimbra Mobility Needed

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    Default Clarification On Zimbra Mobility Needed


    We are planning to migrate to Zimbra Open Source & have a few queries pertaining to the Mobility of Zimbra.

    We have various mobile devices in our organisation like.

    Android 4 & above

    Ipad 2,3&4 & Iphone 4&5

    Windows 8 Mobile

    Blackberry Curv 8520 & Bold 4

    We need to confirm if Zimbra will be able to Sync our Mails, Contacts & Calendars on all these devices along with outlook. if yes will we need to load any additional apps on the mobile devices?

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    Out of the box, the OSE version of Zimbra does not support the syncing of contacts or calendars with smart phones.

    IMAP or POP3 email is supported.

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    Zimbra OSE supports Caldav/Carddav for Contacts and Calendars.
    iOS supports this out of the box, and there are apps for Android that enables this aswell.

    If you want something that works on every kind of device I suggest you setup an extra webserver with zpush and zimbrabackend, there are lots of guides on how to do this if you ask google.

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