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Thread: Shared calendars do not automatically refresh

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    Unhappy Shared calendars do not automatically refresh

    We have recently noticed that shared calendars on iOS do not automatically update. Here's how we set it up.

    User 1
    1. Creates a calendar called "Shopping List"
    2. Shares calendar with User 2

    User 2
    1. Accepts shared calendar invitation
    2. Configures new CalDav account iPhone and disables SSL
    3. Shared calendar shows up in iOS Calendar
    4. Initial list of events in User 1's shared calendar shows up

    However, if User 1 adds a new event, that new event never shows up in User 2's calendar. Same goes if User 1 deletes an event, it never refreshes in User 2's calendar. The only way we've been able to force the calendar to refresh is to (1) reboot the phone or (2) disable/re-enable the calendar in the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars settings.

    Has anyone experienced this issue and/or have a solution/workaround? We are running Zimbra 8.0.6_GA.5922.NETWORK and iOS 7.04.

    Thanks in advance!
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