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  1. Thank you Bill for your help. In another...

    Thank you Bill for your help.

    In another thread ( you wrote this:

    So I suppose that the problem have no solution, but...
  2. same problem on 8.0.4_GA_5737.FOSS

    same problem on 8.0.4_GA_5737.FOSS
  3. Unable to load a SugarCRM iCal Calendar

    I'm using ICal Patch in SugarCRM to get calendar in ics format, I'm able to use it from Windows Calendar on my vista notebook, but in ZimbraDesktop I got this error "No such folder exists." when I...
  4. Works fine. Thank you !!

    Works fine.

    Thank you !!
  5. now: ...


    show me the calendar (month view, current month), but I'm not able to change view (es. show week view or next month), I...
  6. this is the ICS link: ...

    this is the ICS link:

    I tried this:

    for web view.
  7. [SOLVED] How can I view a shared calendar from web browser

    I need to share a resource calendar and access it from browser (like this one:

    The resource calendar is shared for public...
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