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  1. for ldap we did not find a solution, but we found...

    for ldap we did not find a solution, but we found a way to feed a mailinglist directly into a shared zimbra addressbook which satisfies our requirements as well ...
  2. Providing Distribution Lists from external LDAP server

    I am trying to supply distribution lists to the Zimbra GAL from an external LDAP server. I have found that users distribution lists are stored in an attribute called 'dlist' with the entry type set...
  3. with soap it works

    In the mean time I found this little gem:

    svn co Revision 850: /trunk/ZimbraServer/src/perl

    it contains a perl framework for accessing all the zimbra functionality through soap ... by using...
  4. Jholder, I am working on a similar thing, only...

    I am working on a similar thing, only that our data master is the CRM ... I can use the REST interface to upload and update vcards ... this works fine. What I am missing is the ability to...
  5. thank you

  6. No Support

    Hi Phoenix,

    being the author of RRDtool (which is being used to drive zimbras internal monitoring) we got free licenses without support ... one would imagine that zimbra would would be interested...
  7. yep

    yep ... :-)
  8. Syncing Appointment Descriptions from Nokia E70 fails with 4.5.1.

    Since we have started tesing Zimbra our Mobile Users complain about the fact that New-Line characters enterd on the mobile (or the webinterface) are not being handled correctly by the Zimbra Mobile...
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    Sticky: Poll: E70 Works well ... except for

    My E70 works quite well, but there is an annoying zimbra bug when writing appointment notes/descriptions containing newlines ... unfortunately the zimbra bug people don't show any interest in this...
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