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  1. Hi, thanks for your quick reply. I have netcat...

    Hi, thanks for your quick reply.

    I have netcat and which installed:

    [root@montana log]# rpm -qa | grep netcat
    [root@montana log]# rpm -qa | grep which

    Here is...
  2. Same problem with 7.1.2


    I have updated to 7.1.2 and I'm facing the same problem that zmconfigd is not running. Tried to downgrade but I got a messagge that is not permitted :confused:

    After reading this post,...
  3. Zimlets' icons not working neither smileys from ymemoticons zimlet


    I have been experiencing some issues with my implemented zimlets.

    My info is: Release 7.0.0_GA_3077.RHEL5_64_20110127190222 RHEL5_64 NETWORK edition.

    The problem was noticed because the...
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