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  1. Be sure to check....

    Just wanted to poast this for future people doing a fresh install who have this problem (especially if it is a multi-server install)
    Be sure you don't have a firewall running on the LDAP server......
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    "From" Header Re-Written by Zimbra?

    Ok, this one's wierd..

    It appears the real From was "From: FirstName LastName, INITIALS < >" (spaces added in <> for forum display)
    and the MTA in our system that received...
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    Doesn't get re-written every time zimbra...

    Doesn't get re-written every time zimbra gets restarted, so don't you have to add
    POSTCONF smtpd_sasl_authenticated_header yes
    to ~zimbra/conf/ ??
    (right before RESTART mta)
  4. Mail Queues counts display "Red" vs "Black" (or vice-versa)

    Ok, so I had to ask (I have a number of admins who this bugs to no end)..

    What causes the counts in the Mail Queues page to be Red (or black).. I can't find a rhyme or reason what prompts the...
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    Change Postfix Logging

    Try changing the following (Add in the lines in BOLD) to:

    smtp-amavis unix - - n - 10 smtp
    -o smtp_data_done_timeout=1200
  6. Yes.. the complex filtering might do exactly...

    Yes.. the complex filtering might do exactly that.. say, run another few RBL's or something, and if it sees it as spam, then feed it back to zimbra.
    (The second complex filtering would be nice, but...
  7. How can I Forward all email that is NOT [spam] filtered?

    Does anyone know a way to configure postfix (I assume this is where I would have to make the change) so that email tagged as spam doesn't get forwarded remotely, but instead gets delivered to the...
  8. Patch Availability

    Is there no longer cvs or daily builds available?
    I have thousands of users who currently cannot change their password due to a bug (Bug 23553 - Mail> Change password broken(always tries to open...
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    This doesn't work in 5.x w/nginx

    This doesn't work with NGINX: Throws error:

    nginx - Error while looking up IMAP/POP route information: query returned empty result:...
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    Upgrade to 5.0GA error Solved for me for CentOS 5

    Just a quick note for others like me:
    Zimbra: Multi-Node Zimbra Installation
    OS: CentOS release 5 (Final)

    Was running 5.0 RC2
    Was upgrading to 5.0 GA
    Received same errors as this thread...
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