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  1. [SOLVED] Use Thunderbird Tags To Whitelist Email Addresses

    I'm primarily a consumer of information on the Zimbra forums, but I thought this script might be handy to those sysamins who are using/supporting Thunderbird clients.

    In a nutshell, this script...
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    Same Issue

    Same error here. Any ideas on how to recover? BTW, we are running on ZCS 6.0.10.

    User was attempting to update Zimbra Desktop yesterday (2012-03-19) morning. She is running ie8 on XP...
  3. Thread: galsync

    by freedomics


    This is just an FYI since I didn't find an answer to this problem when I originally searched the forums.

    This morning I made a typo when adding a domain via the admin interface. Yeah, I know. ...
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    Thanks for your quick responses. I took a...

    Thanks for your quick responses.

    I took a closer look at my logs and found a few other instances of inbound mail with the same seemingly random behavior of being rejected (450 4.7.1) or accepted....
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    Agreed. The helo host is not valid. ...

    Agreed. The helo host is not valid. It should have been rejected. Why then did postfix accept it at one point and then reject it later the same hour?
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    Erratic NOQUEUE Behavior

    In an effort to reduce spam, I recently enabled reject_unknown_hostname in Zimbra 6.04 via the admin panel. I've checked the logs to verify that this is indeed blocking a lot of spam. A few...
  7. OK, after spending all day, I got this...

    OK, after spending all day, I got this straightened out. Unfortunately, I can't pinpoint exactly what I did to fix the problem. Out of desparation, I downloaded a newer version of zmcertmgr...
  8. [SOLVED] "zmcertmgr deploycrt self" Fails

    My original 365 day self-signed certificate recently expired on my Zimbra 5.0.9 server. I followed the Zimbra wiki instructions to create a new set of certs as follows. I got most of the way...
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    If it never hits my user's mail boxes, or it...

    If it never hits my user's mail boxes, or it wasn't sent from my users, then I don't want to archive it.
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    Mailarchiva And Spam

    I'm using Zimbra along with Mailarchiva to archive all mail at our small business. I'm very happy with both Zimbra and Mailarchiva.

    However, there is one significant issue. Everything is...
  11. What If The External Network Is Down?

    In my case, I have two external interfaces, eth1 and eth2. If my primary ISP's network goes down, I can switch the default gateway to the secondary interface. My DNS MX records are set up so that...
  12. Is LMTP On External Interface A Security Issue?

    I am preparing a single-server Zimbra config running on a dual-homed firewall. To get things working, I had to open port 7025 (LMTP?) on my external interface. According to nmap, LMTP is ONLY bound...
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