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  1. Can Email with attachment automatically saved to server?

    I have an email coming from coworker with attachment "mydata.txt".

    Is there some way to have Zimbra to automatically save the attachment "mydata.txt"
    to a directory on server?

    Is there a...
  2. I tried that and it did NOT filter the email.

    I tried that and it did NOT filter the email.
  3. How to filter email based on Name not address

    They are always changing the last part in an email(
    How can I set up a filter based on name "The ABC Company" ?

    From: "The ABC Company" <>
    From: "The ABC...
  4. Replies

    List details of Filters

    I need a detail list of filters.

    Filter name="got_filter"
    for "ANY"
    Subject contains "abcd"
    Subject contains "xyz"

    File into folder myNewFolder
  5. Can Zimbra run a script or program on incoming email?

    If I get an incoming email with subject= ABCDEFGH,
    I would like to run a program (ie C:\temp\MyProgram.exe)

    Is this possible?

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