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    Not going to install OSX Vista. :(

    Not going to install OSX Vista. :(
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    Default appointment duration 20min

    Dear fellow administranians!

    I have the requirement from a potential customer, that the default appointment duration should be 20 minutes. It would also be nice to have 20 min increments in the...
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    Random Jabber disconnects

    My users are being disconnected from the Zimbra Jabber server a couple of times a day. Maybe two or three times. They are all disconnected at the same time no matter whether they use the Zimbra WebUI...
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    Can confirm that it is not working

    I can confirm that it is not working. If you save the CardDAV account in anyway and open the corresponding Addressbook plist (~/Library/Application...
  5. Seems to be a permission thing...

    I just discovered that the shared calendar is not writable:

    Permission denied.
    method: CreateAppointmentRequest
    msg: permission denied: you do not have sufficient permissions...
  6. Where is the information for shared calendars and addressbooks stored?

    I am preparing for a migration from Zimbra 5.0.20 to 6.0.8. I am down- and uploading the users data using the Rest API with Curl and I migrated the user account data by ex- and importing an ldif with...
  7. zmmailbox backup - restore fails if the blob is being untarred and retarred

    I am observing an effect with zmailbox and tar and backing up and restoring accounts. When I back up an account with:

    /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m getRestURL '//?fmt=tgz' "...
  8. Thread: LDAP Logfile

    by jsilence


    We are having the exact same problem.

    Currently greeping thru the OpenLDAP patches in Zimbra OSS source.

    Maybe we should open a bug, because the ldap setting for logging is being set as...
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    LDAP/slapd logging does not work

    We are running ZCS 6.0.5 OSS on Ubuntu 8.04LTS.

    In trying to have more detailed LDAP logging for debugging purposes we set ldap_common_loglevel to 256 via:
    zmlocalconfig -e...
  10. Gnah! Even this did not help. I'm stuck with...


    Even this did not help. I'm stuck with the same problem.
  11. zmsyslogsetup failed for me: I had to set...

    zmsyslogsetup failed for me:

    I had to set startTLS from /opt/zimbra/bin/zmlocalconfig -e ldap_starttls_supported=0
    to /opt/zimbra/bin/zmlocalconfig -e ldap_starttls_supported=1 before the...
  12. Maybe solved

    Up until now, starting from my latest recuing attempt, the system is running smoothly.

    After a restore from the oldish backup, including slapadd action with the latest ldif dump, I did a...
  13. VMWare

    Yes I am running Zimbra in a VMWare virtual Machine. Ubuntu JeOS on a VMWare Server 1.0.4. So far it was running pretty smooth.

    I will try -b '' tonight and report.


  14. Addition

    I have to add, that I can db_recover the oldish backup:

    zimbra@zimbra:~$ tar xfj openldap-data-20080830.tbz
    zimbra@zimbra:~$ cd openldap-data
  15. Tried to recover following these instruction. No success.

    I am having a corrupt LDAP Database due to a Server freeze last week.
    Previously I enabled Replication using the zmldapenablereplica script, but I did not finish the replica server before the...
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    Turn off LDAP Replication


    I switched on LDAP replication for testing purposes, but now I would like to switch it off. Unfortunately I can not find any docs on how to achieve that. Tried to remove anything related to...
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