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  1. private appointment on group calendar cannot be opened

    We have a group calendar that is shared and managed among several users. One of these share users has created an appointment on this shared calendar but saved it as private.

    It appears that with...
  2. Hmmm... No one interested in this issue?

    Hmmm... No one interested in this issue?
  3. Yes, Profile is current: Release...

    Yes, Profile is current: Release 6.0.6_GA_2324.SLES10_64_20100406172208 SLES10_64 FOSS edition

    I did get the distribution list membership prior to deleting it. There was not really much trouble to...
  4. I appreciate the suggestion but unfortunately I...

    I appreciate the suggestion but unfortunately I had tried with both the Zimbra Administrator interface and the cli <zmprov rdlm> with the same result.
  5. Cannot remove a non-existent member from a distribution list

    We recently had a visitor working in our organization and had added their email address to one of our distribution lists. There was no problem in adding an email address of a non-existent member.
  6. Multiple replies received to appointment invitations sent from shared calendar

    I haven't seen anything relative to this problem in any other posts so I'll try to describe what is happening.

    We have a group that is using one (fictional) member's calendar for central meeting...
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    jmhe, thanks for the info. Shortening the time...

    jmhe, thanks for the info. Shortening the time between full GAL syncs should solve the problem for us.
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    [SOLVED] how to update the offline GAL

    As administrator, I recently made some changes in the GAL entries and removed several that were no longer valid.

    The web client reflects these changes of course since it is real-time access but...
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    I haven't been able to detect any connection...

    I haven't been able to detect any connection problems and the client (my workstation) and the sandbox server are sitting side-by-side connected to the same network switch plus I have watched the...
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    ZC***changeMigrationWizard troubles

    I have googled up entries with problems similar to what I have but haven't come to any working solution. Perhaps it is buried somewhere in this forum but I can't seem to stumble onto it.

    ZCS is...
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