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    Imap Fetch Rfc Problem

    Hil all, sorry for my english

    When I try fetch e mails over blackberry through IMAP ports I take below log;

    2010-05-08 09:09:20,919 INFO [ImapServer-403] [name=xxx@xxx.xx;mid=645;ip=x.x.x.x;]...
  2. Hi again, My problem is not MyNetworks, I am...

    Hi again,

    My problem is not MyNetworks, I am in trusted network and using outlook, my pop3 server is and smtp server is my e mail address, when...
  3. Zimbra Relay Problem - All hosts can send e-mail through my zimbra

    Hi all, sorry for my english,

    I configured zimbraMtaMynetworks as, my domain name is but I can send mail with all domain names if my ip address is How can I...
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