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  1. I've found this bug (84207...

    I've found this bug (84207).

    The summary of this bug is just what I was looking for: "missing subject in advanced search and more".
    The status for this bug is still UNCONFIRMED :(
    Please Vote...
  2. How to add an advanced search filters in the Web Client?

    Is there a way for add an advanced search filter (ex: "search only in subject" for the Mail app) in the Web Client?

    Ok for the advanced syntax (ZWC Search Tips), but how to add a button in the...
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    Font size problem in the print page

    Hi, I would like to know if anyone of you has my same problem.
    When I send to print any page, an email or a contact for example, in the new window that opens the contents have a 36pt fonts.

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    I've the same problem. News? Thanks, Daniel.

    I've the same problem. News?
    Thanks, Daniel.
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