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  1. Good news! I managed to have my installation...

    Good news! I managed to have my installation working.

    I ran zmcontrol stop and check if there is another zimbra mysql server running (through ps aux | grep mysql) and found out that there is....
  2. I looked at mysql_error.log under /opt/zimbra/log...

    I looked at mysql_error.log under /opt/zimbra/log and found this:

    121216 21:47:11 mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /opt/zimbra/db/data
    121216 21:47:11 InnoDB: The InnoDB...
  3. Hi Bill, Here is the result of zmcontrol...

    Hi Bill,

    Here is the result of zmcontrol status after the installation and after the ZCS restart:

    [zimbra@zcs8 ~]$ zmcontrol status
    antispam Running...
  4. An error occurred while attempting to establish a connection to server localhost:389


    I'm installing and evaluating Zimbra 8.0.1 NE on RHEL 6.2. After setting up the requirements, I ran then I saw an error from the zmsetup.log saying that I can't connect to LDAP.
  5. How to check free/busy schedule of calendar resource?

    Hi! Just want to ask what procedures can I use to check the free/busy schedule of calendar resources in javascript. Kindly point me to the right direction cause I'm quite confused.

    Thanks! :)
  6. How to Integrate Zimlet with Zimbra's UI


    I would like to seek your help..:)

    I am currently working on a zimlet that will enable users to enter the quantity of calendar resources instead of selecting each of the resources...
  7. zimbra failover with shared storage and same ip address


    I really need to know how to do this. thanks for those who will help.;)

    1. I should have 2 zimbra opensource servers.
    2. Another server will be used for the shared storage.
    3. The 2...
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