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    Thanks Krishopper. I'm a guest on a corporate...

    Thanks Krishopper. I'm a guest on a corporate network, but I'm the only user and the only mail account on the box. I don't have to worry about audits, but I definitely need to protect the data.
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    To Proxy or Not To Proxy?

    I have my Zimbra server up and running and I LOVE IT. The webmail access does everything I could ever ask for and more.

    While the documentation does a good job in walking through setup, I'm...
  3. Zimbra 6 on Ubuntu 8.04 x64 reverting to IPv6

    Hello. New member here. Long time Zimbra client user, brand new Zimbra installer/admin.

    I've now installed Zimbra 5 times and spent 4 nights working on this. I've reached a dead end. ...
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