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  1. That sounds easy. Actually I have 5 pop3 accounts...

    That sounds easy. Actually I have 5 pop3 accounts (my own Domains) and always download the emails from the server and delete them from there.
    So I have them only on my *.pst file.

    I want to use...
  2. Is there still

    no easier wy to import from *.pst file?

    I do not really understand how to do it with the Imap account.

    I really want to change to Zimbra as I slowly want to get rid of most of the Microsoft...
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    Import outlook pst to Zimbra desktop

    I am changing my Mail-Client from Outlook 2010 to Zimbra Desktop.

    I have some Pop3 Accounts and a lot of contacts.

    Is there a way to import the pst file and all my Folders. It is already 3,5GB...
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