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  1. problem when receive mail from distribution list of other mail server

    Hi all,

    i am managing a mail zimbra 6, i have a problem when receiving email. This is my description:

    my email domain:
    some users:,,
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    Sync 2 Accounts on 2 Zimbra Servers


    How can I sync two user accounts on two separate Zimbra servers in different domains? For example, i have two domains: and with two accounts: and...
  3. deny external email send to mailling list

    Hi all,

    i want deny emails which using external email like yahoo, gmail or some thing like that send email to mailling list of my company email. i saw google apps has this function.

    i am using...
  4. zimbra don't allow forward email to clients

    Hello all,

    i have a zimbra server, name: my boss has just established a sub company, name

    my boss wants forward email to

    i use...
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