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  1. Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info.
  2. Eagerly waiting for that. Any probable cut off...

    Eagerly waiting for that.
    Any probable cut off date you have in mind?
  3. Zdesktop stopped synching after adding a calendar appointment

    Zdesktop stopped synching after adding a calendar appointment.
    Now my Zdesktop is not synching. Any fix for this?

    Here is the log

  4. I would give a complete review and wish list to you soon.

    I could not sync two of my folders Inbox and Home, always 2 or 3 mails are not there in the server.

    This happend only when I moved a few mails from Inbox to Home viceversa.

    My gut feeling tells...
  5. Hope this helps

    Username: mohanyes
    Subject : FW: ODI Training PPT Slides
    You can make a fix, to inform the end user, that there is a kind of problem there in the particular mail with so and so subject, sender,...
  6. We can consider this issue as closed

    This I figured out that there is an email with me, that shows 3.4 MB attachment and when i click open it i couldnt see the content or the attachment. It hangs. So its a problem with the email. ...
  7. ZD Beta 0.92 - Build 1433 I am using

    ZD Beta 0.92 - Build 1433
    I am using as the mail server
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    Work around

    Use the filter in the Yahoo Server instead.
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    emails not available in the Server

    I moved a few emails to a folder ULIP, now the emails are not available in the server. Only available in the Zimbra desktop. When I looked at the log, it shows 'Found 0 tracked IMAP messages for...
  10. Error Sync - UID FETCH failed UID Fetch error; Can't fetch that data

    While trying to sync a folder LandT, it is failing. And the folder is not getting sync anymore. I giving the debug log please help.
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    Solved this problem by increasing the timeout

    Go to Conf\localconfig.xml and add the following to get rid of the timeout problem

    <key name="javamail_imap_timeout">
  12. My point is to give us a reply that everyone...

    My point is to give us a reply that everyone understands. Lot of people are looking for some solution for the problems for their problems.
    Thanks jjhuang for providing the link.
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    Tried many a times

    I tried many a times. But no success.
    It is stopping at that point and around 10 folders out of 20 are not getting synchronized after that, including send folder. Even if i send a new mail, its...
  14. Please give the solution here as well.

    Its nice that you have provided a solution. Its interesting to know the requestor has also accepted that.
    But for the everyones sake please copy paste the solution here also. As new user I dont...
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    Zimbra desktop sync failure

    I started using zimbra a couple of days back. I was trying to use in Windows XP desktop, but sync went down after a few mails. Here is the log details.

    2009-01-03 00:03:28,984 DEBUG [mid=2] []...
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