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    amavisd.conf keeps resetting !

    I installed Zimbra about a week ago and initially had trouble with it because the antispam would not start ... it used to error out because the $myhostname was not a FQDN. I searched and isolated it...
  2. Ok ... I see from that link that the Outlook...

    Ok ... I see from that link that the Outlook connector is not free. Can I just buy the license for the connector ... or do I have to upgrade the whole ZCS package to the Pro level ?

    BTW ... I got...
  3. I just downloaded the msi file from the web (for...

    I just downloaded the msi file from the web (for free)

    Does the Connector have to be purchased ?

    While installing it ... never asked me to enter any license info. The Admin Console for Zimbra...
  4. License expiration error trying to connect from Outlook

    I have a one week old installation of ZCS.

    All web clients work great !

    This morning installed Zimbra Outlook Connector and tried to configure outlook to talk to ZCS.

    Following popup window...
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    found it. thanks !!!

    found it. thanks !!!
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    ZCS Web Client over SSL does not work

    Hello all ...


    allows me to pull up my web client.

    But secure 'https' does not work.

    However ...
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