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  1. yes, the user(s) already exist(s) on the source...

    yes, the user(s) already exist(s) on the source and target servers, which is what is strange.
  2. imapsync works to the zimbra admin user, but not others?

    Hi -

    I got imapsync working when it's from whatever account, to the admin account on our zimbra server like so:

    imapsync --nosyncacls --subscribe --syncinternaldates --host1
  3. ad integration with zimbra openldap - ou within ou using zmprov?

    Currently we have our Active Directory structured like this:

    - Sales
    - Disinformation
    - Web Development
    - Engineering
    - Technical Support
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    can some/all of the past posters to this thread try out zimbra desktop?

    I'm interested in seeing what the results are when you guys test it against yoru environment(s).

    So far from skimming through this thread, there have been no conclusions as to what is causing the...
  5. set the department field in "contact information" through command line? stored where?

    Is there a way to set the department text field (or any other field on the Contact Information), through the command line like through zmprov?

    I'm talking about the field you can see here:
  6. Ah, thanks. I have a couple quick followup...

    Ah, thanks. I have a couple quick followup questions then:

    1) do the distinguished names have to match up? I notice that if I add through zmprov or the admin web interface, the user's LDAP entry...
  7. Let me check if I understood you right or if you...

    Let me check if I understood you right or if you explained what you meant clearly - are you saying that I can have this scenario:

    - custom schema on SERVER1 but NOT on SERVER2
    - sync accounts...
  8. zimbra to authenticate linux users using nis.schema

    Say I want to use our zimbra server to authenticate linux users with the nis.schema. I'm sure technically it "can work" but then, if I add users through zmprov (or the admin web interface), that will...
  9. openldap - different sets of schemas on different servers?

    If I want to tie in Zimbra to our existing openldap servers, do i have to modify the zimbra slapd.conf to contain the same set of schema files? We use the nis.schema and a custom schema.

    Based on...
  10. Zimbra Outlook Profile - can't change "From" address

    On a test machine, I've installed the outlook connector to zimbra, and it works just great. Our zimbra server is named, so the account I have is
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    "run now" feature for filters?

    Maybe I've overlooked something, but there doesn't seem to be a "run now" feature for email filters?

    Both Outlook and Thunderbird have these - which I guess isn't an exact comparison with the...
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    zimbra & sunbird versus outlook

    It sounds like if there is a requirement for read/write access to zimbra calendar data, your only option is MS Outlook right?

    I see that Sunbird can only be read-only: ...
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    just to clarify..

    Since I don't currently have 4.5 installed so I can see for myself, I figure I'll just ask.

    Say you've POP'd mail from another account - then within zimbra, that mail will be part of the Zimbra...
  14. Just to clarify terminology (and triangulate...

    Just to clarify terminology (and triangulate between tech speak and marketing speak), the act of creating a mail profile (Control Panel > Mail > Profiles), that is what is also referred to as a a...
  15. for Scalix, I had to install their Scalix client...

    for Scalix, I had to install their Scalix client for Outlook - which to configure it, you had to go to Control Panel > Mail > Profiles and select "Other" - which is a Scalix "profile".

  16. "outlook message store" == Control Panel > Mail > Profiles? Scalix versus Zimbra

    One problem (showstopper) we have with Scalix is that it seems to want to take over the Outlook profile - you need to create a Scalix profile, which I take to mean a "Scalix message store". I bring...
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