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  1. how to search event into the whole calendar (in past too) ?


    in zimbra web client, when i search something in the calendar, the results always contains present and future event corresponding my search criteria.
    how can i get the past events too ?
  2. i almost find out a way to fixe that : do a...

    i almost find out a way to fixe that :

    do a right click mouse in the body mail and chose THIS FRAME then PRINT in the contextual menu

    Now you got printed what you saw !!!

    but you do not have...
  3. hi ! i have the exact same problem ! i just...

    hi !

    i have the exact same problem ! i just open a thread too :
  4. print does not care about font size and lower all the size

    hi !

    i have a problem with my zimbra webmail. i don't know whenever it is a problem of server, of release but several weeks ago, it did not appens and now it appens withe every broswer (chrome,...
  5. or maybe the overflow property of the CSS is not...

    or maybe the overflow property of the CSS is not good (Hidden instead overlow or fixe height...)
  6. long text (without line return) is troncated in the print whatever the browser

    hi !

    In the webmail :

    I have many mails where people writes long text without carriage return nor line feed, neither line return. Just pure text like Proust!
    I have no way to print this mails ...
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    even win7 family have websav support ? or only...

    even win7 family have websav support ? or only corporate ?
  8. windows 7 x64 and webrive 10.0 build#2521 64bit

    hi !

    i'm trying to connect my zimbra briefcase into webdrive under win7 x64.
    does anybody success it ?

    The connection looks Ok but i only see a briefcase file and not the content !
    When i...
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    hi !

    under win7 x64, which webdrive software will you advice to use with zimbra briefcase ?

    does anybody have notice bug with sapce name or accent name in folder and filename ?

  10. strange behaviour using filter and redirect email option... (almost a bug?)

    hi !

    i just test the filter with Redirect option from a zimbra account email to an external (i.e @orange) email account.

    i do that : redirect all email from @an_zimbra_account to my personal...
  11. thanks ! i just voted for both !

    thanks !
    i just voted for both !
  12. what's wrong with the Exchange Migration Tool

    the release i saw require to access each outlook profil to run the migration, so you need to setup x profils...
    also, and you need to have outlook on your computer (or vm computer).
    imagine you...
  13. searching for a strict doc or tool software to migrate from exchange to zimbra 6 ?

    hi !

    does anybody have a strict methode, a doc, a real trusted guide to migrate many exchange accounts (mail, contacts, agenda, and more ?) to Zimbra 6 ?

    a solution for a remote distributed...
  14. how to fill my white contact list (no spam email) automaticly ?

    hi !

    is it possible to auto fill the white contact address list with all people i answered to ?

    moreover, my answered email list in already stored in my address book...

    maybe someone know a...
  15. how to know that ?

    how to know that ?
  16. any tips to not be blacklisted by msn/hotmail..etc


    is there any tips to cancel or to preserved to not be blacklisted by hotmail/live/msn server ?

    any parameter to put in our configuration to best usage this ?

    does anybody (zimbra...
  17. about the saved filter searches : moreover : the...

    about the saved filter searches : moreover :
    the saved name of your search does not include a (X) statement after its name to tell you how many item there are into it ! so i have to check it every...
  18. 1/ i didn't find a bugzilla item about my...

    i didn't find a bugzilla item about my problem. as it is so obious, i thought it wasn't a bug but a wanted feature (am i right ?)

    2/ i tried saved/recorded search feature, but it shows me all...
  19. bug or wanted feature : unread alert on subfolder doesn't run

    hi !

    i just test the Zimbra NE 6.10 and there is still the same bug in my 6.03.

    i have a subfolder in my inbox.
    there are any unread message inside my subfolder.

    i don't understand why the...
  20. thank you ! ONE LAST question please :...

    thank you !

    ONE LAST question please : actually, the ress folder is located in queue-list of folder.... It possible to remove it juste before DRAFT ?
    i hope we can do this without change the...
  21. [SOLVED] how to add a RSS subscribe into zimbra webmail ?

    hi !

    i see a rss folder in my zimbra account. where (in the webmail) is the feature to add a subscribe link (like Ahsay? Systems Corporation | Technical Updates) into my account ?

    thanks for...
  22. how to make the "TV_highlightObjects" link ?

    hi !

    when you receive a email with image sometimes, you have to click a link to view the image (TV_highlightObjects_link span id).

    is there any way to make it automatic ? always show image big ?
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    how to do that feature in zimbra ?


    in outlook2010 (windows), there is a very interesting feature that i try to reproduce into zimbra. :
    the abitity to be alerted/noticed (dialogue box or autoself-email) of the none-reception...
  24. ok

    yeah we're in 6.03 NE french.

    so , i'll re-open the bug for 2011 ! :(
  25. bad week number in calendar (left panel) in webmail

    hi !

    i don't know if it is a knew bug or not, but i tell here.

    the week number in the small left calendar is wrong.
    in france, week 1 must begin monday 3 jan of 2011
    in zimbra, it begins the...
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