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    Consulta Sobre Replicas


    Necesito una recomendacion para la siguiente configuracion

    En mi empresa hay dos sedes , la principal en ciudad 1 y la secundaria en ciudad 2 , conectadas entre ellas por un enlace...
  2. Question about MX record configuration Centos 6.2

    Greetings ...

    I have a question about the configuration of my MX record for
    send and receive emails from internet ..

    I'm riding Zimbra 7 Opensource on centos 6.2 64 BITS

    I have link to...
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    Thank you for your answer No I have no vpn...

    Thank you for your answer

    No I have no vpn between branches .. single bonds but not vpn ..

    Where I can get documentation on how to relay with zimbra? '

    This very good your recommendation
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    Actually what you want is to replicate zimbra...

    Actually what you want is to replicate zimbra mailboxes and users in a similar way as does Lotus ..
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    Multi-server installation

    Best wishes to all ..

    I'm getting involved in a project where it is needed the
    implementation of networkedition for approximately 2 000 mailboxes ..
    In five different locations in my country ......
  6. Thanks for your answers When I do install it...

    Thanks for your answers

    When I do install it on centos with - platform override ... I understand I installed with-s then do the upgrade?

    Then replace the / opt / zimbra?
  7. Doubts of recovery in the opensource version 7

    Greetings to all from Venezuela

    I have a question regarding the recovery of the opensource version 7.0

    Currently I have installed zimbra on centos 5.7 and 7 works fine, I created a script that...
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    Lotus 6.5 To zimbra


    I am planning a migration from Lotus Domino 6.5 to Zimbra ..

    I have a question regarding the conversion of files to standard migration tool ..

    If I run the server with the domain...
  9. Desde Venezuela

    Saludos.. por lo que puedo analizar eres de Venezuela igual que yo..

    A mi me paso algo similar , y tiene que ver con los dns de cantv y los de zimbra. si el dominio al cual le estas enviando...
  10. I do not understand "zmamavisdctl is not running"

    'Im testing the 6.0 version .. is installed but not receive emails that are sent from local accounts ... when I run I get zmcotrol status

    zmamavisdctl is not running

    Does not start the antispam...
  11. Thanks for your reply What I did was change...

    Thanks for your reply

    What I did was change the default Apache port 80 to 8080, zimbra default load in 80 and other applications for the 8080

  12. [SOLVED] Zimbra and other web applications on the same server

    Greetings. I have a server in production with 5.0 and works perfect
    but this only zimbra on that server, now I need to do
    testing with the version 6.0 but the server I have is
    installed web...
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