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    Zimbra as a virtual mail server


    to convince people to migrate from X from Zimbra, it would be convenient to be able to let them use Zimbra while keeping their old mailbox (until the migration).
    Zimbra would behave like a...
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    Convincing people to migrate


    I am trying to convince people from my organization to migrate to Zimbra.
    The big pushback is not so much the migration or getting used to a new tool.

    The big pushback is how a user will...
  3. Bug report: RSS mail service when tag does not exist

    One potential "switcher" in my organization mentioned his dream feature: mail notification via RSS. I checked the Zimbra docs and here it is.

    I have been experimented a bit and it works fine.

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    [SOLVED] SOAP access to the Zimbra server


    the greatest value I see in Zimbra is that it offers a programmatic access to the functionalities, using open standards.
    Looking at the source code (zimbra\ZimbraServer\docs), I see a lot of...
  5. Sticky: imapsync and SSL

    One just needs to modify the imapsync code for SSL support.
    Check the code snippet by Nick Burch.
  6. Sticky: What about imapsync with SSL?

    I am trying to use imapsync with one server with imap SSL.
    Any quick idea about how to make it work?

    I am looking at various examples of modified version of Perl IMAPClient used by imapsync.
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    finally working

    ok, after struggling for a while, I have uninstalled everything and re-installed and it works fine.

    - Fedora Core 4
    - fixed sym links problem for crypto library (see previous thread)
  8. LDAP is running. I was thinking more of an...

    LDAP is running.

    I was thinking more of an ldapsearch command that retrieves some attributes, as a way to check that everything is fine.

    For instance, I would like to retrieve some user info:
  9. making some progress ...

    The LDAP credential error has disappeared.

    For some reasons, I cannot start the services using zmcontrol start.
    I have to start them "manually":
    - ldap start
    - mysql.server start
    - tomcat...
  10. install problem with FC4: LDAP: error code 49 - Invalid Credentials


    I have been following the various posts for FC4 and made some progress accordingly:
    - sym links for the crypto libs
    - mysql config for systems with little RAM

    now I am stuck with LDAP...
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