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  1. Not a Refresh Issue.

    Doesn't do anything. It just displays the same screen. Also, I tried with 3 other browsers and they all same behavior. Also, after I see the contact in zimbra, I logged out of the account and logged...
  2. Contact Details Empty when viewing in Zimbra Client

    Hi All,

    I created a contact using zimbra API as follows:

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=""><soap:Header><context...
  3. Zimbra Calendar SOAP API to retrieve calendars by start date and end date

    Hi all,

    I was trying to retrieve all the appointments that are present between any given start date and end date. I looked at the GetApoointmnetRequest API, and looks like it doesn't take any...
  4. Replies


    Hi all.. We need to be able, using the Zimbra API (the XML-based interface), to receive notifications (or at least determine on a short polling interval) whether or not a user has received new mail....
  5. Ok, I thought zimbra will handle reply and...

    Ok, I thought zimbra will handle reply and forward, because in the SendMsgRequest we have to specify the origid for reply and forward. If zimbra doesn't support automatic appending of Original...
  6. Thanks fernandoflorez for quick reply. I have...

    Thanks fernandoflorez for quick reply.

    I have correct aid value actually, but here I posted for simplicity a value. The real...
  7. Issue in Sending Multiple Attachments in a Forwarded Email


    I am trying to forward an email that has 2 attachments using SOAP API. Here is the SOAP msg looks like:

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
  8. How to send New Email with Attachment using Zimbra API

    Hi Guys,

    I was trying to figure out how to send a new Email with attachment. When I looked at the soap.txt file, I saw that I have to upload the attachment first and then use the returned...
  9. When does the change token Expire or RESET?

    Hi All,

    In Zimbra when we get response for every request, we get a Token back. I came to know that this token is incremented for every request.

    My question is anyone knows when does this token...
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    SyncResponse Issue

    Hello All,

    I have a SyncRequest for Calendar folder as follows:

  11. How to get summary of Calendars using GetAppointmentRequest or other API

    Hi All,

    I was trying to get all the calendars using zimbra Calendar API. Is there any way to get summary of the calendar similar to GetMsgMetatData Response for messages?

    Since GetApptSummaries...
  12. I was trying to use SOAP APIs provided by zimbra...

    I was trying to use SOAP APIs provided by zimbra to get the headers information for each email. I know we can do it using POP3 and IMAP, but didn't know how to using Zimbra SOAP API.

  13. How to retrieve only Email Headers Information

    Hi Guys,

    Is there anyway I can get only email headers information such as read/unread flag, To's, Cc's, Bcc's, Subject etc. I want to avoid getting Body, so that I can parse all the header...
  14. [SOLVED] Is there a way to Avoid all Folder Data that comes as part of soap:Header

    Hi all,

    Anybody knows is there a way to avoid folders data present in the response under soap:Header for each Response sent from Zimbra?

    I'm looking for a way to avoid parsing this information...
  15. GetMsgRequest and GetItemRequest to get EMail Msgs


    For retrieving email msgs, I used both GetMsgRequest and GetItemRequest and both provides response. So, what is the main difference between these 2 methods? Could anybody provide when is...
  16. [SOLVED] How to get received Date of an Email Msg?


    This is my first post, Sorry if I mess up something.

    I was trying to retrieve an email msg using Zimbra SOAP API. Here is what I did,

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