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  1. Restricting number of emails to free email domains

    We are trying to limit the number of email messages that our users can send to gmail/ hotmail / yahoo domains. Restricting sending mails to the domain is too restrictive on the users and hence, my...
  2. I too am facing the same behavior. I have created...

    I too am facing the same behavior. I have created a Resource Calendar (for my conference room) in Zimbra-8 and when two separate users try to book the same time slots for two different meeting, both...
  3. Restricting number of emails from users to specific domains


    Is it possible to restrict the number of emails that a user can send to a specific domain. For example: Is there a way to enforce that a user can send only 10 emails to gmail/ hotmail in a...
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    Zimlet customization


    I am newbie to Zimbra and have been piloting Zimbra 8. Zimlets being a key aspect that we are testing, was wondering if there is a scope to rebrand Zimlet? If so, what will be required to...
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