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  1. FYI - to quote a workaround...

    FYI - to quote a workaround from the bug report:

    Work around:
    Open Prefs
    Click "Show advanced Search language in search bar"

    This fixed it for me.
  2. Chuckle - glad it wasn't just me being dumb. ...

    Chuckle - glad it wasn't just me being dumb.

    Filed as Bug 23450.

  3. [SOLVED] Unable to save advanced search in ZCS5

    I've just upgraded to ZCS5 GA FOSS, and have discovered that saved searches no longer seem to work properly.

    As an example, we used to have a fairly common search named "Unread Mail". This was an...
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    Mixed-mode connector licensing


    We're currently evaluating Zimbra as one of a number of possible solutions, where we will need to provide two distinctly different classes of service to users. One CoS will have full Outlook...
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