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  1. Flag Admin - assign default view and rights

    Hi all, some days ago I have activated some admins mailboxes and I have choose to flag the filed "assign default admin views and rights" for a Administrator.

    Today I have to change some other...
  2. Yes I agree.

    Yes I agree.
  3. Ok. I have solved this "problem" by using a...

    Ok. I have solved this "problem" by using a workaround solutions.
    Anyway I renew my question and I would like to have an answer by the Zimbra engineers who read (and I suppose to) this forum because...
  4. Anyone have had the same problem?

    Anyone have had the same problem?
  5. Access to Administration Console by Zimbra Proxy ?an

    Hi all.
    I have a question about the possibility to get access to admin console via the standard zimbra proxy host.

    We have made an installation with the large schema ad we use two ldap, two mta...
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