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  1. This link was not helpful. In fact, what...

    This link was not helpful.

    In fact, what happened was that zmsetservername ran and removed the entire "appaccts" cn. All the accounts, zmpostfix, zmamavis, and zmreplica were all missing...
  2. Ok, I've used the zmsetserver command, but now my...

    Ok, I've used the zmsetserver command, but now my LDAP tree appears to be very broken:

    Jun 23 19:08:26 server postfix/trivial-rewrite[24685]: warning: dict_ldap_connect: Unable to bind to server
  3. Change server name in Zimbra Network 5.0.6_GA_2313

    I would like to change my server name so that I can use already signed SSL certificates for the mail server.

    I believe this setting is zimbra_server_hostname in zmlocalconfig, but it's clearly not...
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    I am going downgrade to jdk 1.5.0_15 _and_ get...

    I am going downgrade to jdk 1.5.0_15 _and_ get more RAM.

    Thank you very much for your replies!
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    Out of control Java with 5.0.6

    I'm currently running zcs-NETWORK-5.0.6_GA_2313.RHEL5_64.20080522105815 on a AMD64 platform.

    Every other day at different times, we have observed zmmailboxdmgr begin to consume memory and...
  6. Ok, I called into support as you suggested and...

    Ok, I called into support as you suggested and worked with Sean who was fantastic. It took only 45 minutes to resolve my issue.

    All the problems I experienced were due to the port/address binding...
  7. Also, I did not make an OS change. I'm not sure...

    Also, I did not make an OS change. I'm not sure where you are seeing that. I only changed the Zimbra release.

    Running upgrade script went very well with no errors. I will post the log when I...
  8. MMorse, thanks for the prompt reply. I'm going...

    MMorse, thanks for the prompt reply.

    I'm going to open a support ticket as soon as the person who changed our password tells me the new password, which is probably going to be tomorrow morning.
  9. [SOLVED] Problem with upgrade from 4.5.4 to 5.0.6 - Error 503 SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE

    I am using zcs-NETWORK-5.0.6_GA_2313.RHEL5_64.20080522105815 and just completed an upgrade from zcs-NETWORK-4.5.4-20070418.RHEL4_64. I'm on a RHEL4 AMD64 platform.

    The upgrade appeared to go...
  10. More info

    I found a far more revealing error message related to this issue in convertd.log:

    2007-08-02 08:06:54,632 FATAL [Convertd-256] [] system - Fatal error occurred while handling connection...
  11. Java error shen sharing address books and calendar

    I am getting a Java error when any user attempts to share an address book or calendar. However, this is not preventing users from sharing, because the error only occurs when the sharing user elects...
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    Java errors when loading document templates

    There are dozens of threads on this issue, but none of them address the problem I am having.

    Running this command (as the zimbra user) fails repeatedly:

    I know that the account is created and...
  13. Bugzilla

    I added my vote and feature requests to Bugzilla. Here is the bug link for future reference:

    Bug 8854 - Support flexible alarm schedules for calendar appointments
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    Bulk moving of contacts

    It seems to me that this RFE would solve my problem:

    Bug 7411 - allow display of greater than 100 (or arbitrary number) items per page

    However, I think there may be another way. How do I...
  15. More questions/requests about calendar reminders

    I understand that there is a feature request that is likely to be available soon allowing users to set different alarms/reminders per calendar entry.

    However, it seems that what I am looking for...
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    Thunderbird non-IMAP migration

    I've searched the forums and there is no definitive thread or documentation on migrating from non-IMAP storage within Thunderbird. There are notes scattered around which can typically help in...
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