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  1. Filters - adding an email to a filter group

    Whllst there is a facility to create a new filter from an email, it would be considerably more convenient to be able to right click on an email and then ADD it to an existing filter, selecting the...
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    Sensible, readable, followable email

    What I'm seeking here is not something complicated. Before email, if someone sent you a letter, you replied, without quoting the original letter received. If the exchange continued, you built up a...
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    Cleaning up long email threads

    I guess it will do, if it also prevents senders from embedding original messages as well. My problem is that I have an exchange of 900 emails which are riddled with multiple original messages, making...
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    Cleaning up email threads

    Email threads, repeating conversations with each email, become very messy both in terms of storage and trying to follow old conversations. Is there any way of eliminating quoted emails in threads,...
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    Zimbra printing - no A4 paper size default

    This problem still exists. Anyone have any further information on a fix?
  6. That bug report says it's fixed, but it's not. I...

    That bug report says it's fixed, but it's not. I haven't tried POP3 but IMAP4 wont save sent emails to the Sent folder. I've seen that reported with Outlook - the fix used to be to set up a filter...
  7. So is Zimbra only really good for Gmail, Yahoo...

    So is Zimbra only really good for Gmail, Yahoo and Zimbra accounts? Someone should let the user know, so he can settle on an email client that's committed to catering for his needs.
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    Location for data files, Zimbra desktop

    Can you be a bit more specific? What is the contacts file called, and where is it in the directory structure? In what form is it stored, and in what form are the emails stored?
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