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  1. Still broken.

    These cod urls still resilve to a 404 response
  2. J2ME Fails to install. 404

    This url works.

    In here are text files which are used by your j2me device to locate device specific builds.

    For example,...
  3. IMAP & Console Fails on 5.0.11 [java.lang.AbstractMethodError]

    When imap client connect, I see the following stacktrace:
    2008-11-21 00:03:26,719 INFO [ImapServer-1] [] imap - [xx.xx.xx.xx] connected
    2008-11-21 00:03:26,968 FATAL [ImapServer-1] [] system -...
  4. Outlook Connector 5.0.2767.10 does not delete email on shared inbox

    I have 2 accounts.
    1 Account has sharing enabled (full access)
    when the 2nd account deletes an email from the 1st account, it fails

    2008-11-10 23:46:20,756 DEBUG [btpool0-1]...
  5. Deleting (or moving) a message in a Shared Folder crashes Outlook

    Zimbra 5.0.9 server and client.
    In outlook, open other users folder (Inbox).

    Inbox loads, can view emails.

    Shared permissions are Admin, so I should be able to do anything to the messages in...
  6. Incoming emails bounce to,

    Have a zimbra server installed on hostname is a 2nd ip address on a box witha real hostname

    zimbra is set to use

  7. thanks

    yes thats it.
  8. SMTP Relay to a SMTP server that requires authentication

    In the MTA section of the Global Settings of the Admin console, you set the relay MTA for external delivery

    Well suppose this external MTA requires authentication (username and password, or maybe...
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