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  1. Server Unavailable - Scheduled Task?

    I first want to say that I am fairly new to Administering Zimbra, and am still learning. We are having an issue where the Zimbra Server becomes unavailable every Saturday afternoon around 2:15 pm and...
  2. 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable

    I had a problem where we had a user that was sending our SPAM/Virus Emails. That issue has now been resolved. As a result of this, were were also Blacklisted by the MailSpike, and I did request for...
  3. The server is at /dev/sda1...

    The server is at /dev/sda1 |============================== 69%

    This boot process has been ongoing for over 30 minutes.

    there was an message stating tthat /dev/sda1 has gone 268 days without...
  4. Zimbra Server Down - HELP

    Our Zimbra Server stopped responding, it is running on Ubuntu Linux 64-Bit. It is in the process of rebooting now, but it is coming up extremely slow. I need to get the server back up, can someone...
  5. Database Error Questions

    I got this Email regarding Database Errors Found. Is this a serious issue, and what needs to be done to resolve this issue, and is this an issue that can be prevented?

    Database errors found....
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    Click To Call Zimlet

    I have a ShoreTel phone system and would like to use the Click to Call Feature but see it only integrates with Mitel phone systems. Is there a way to integrate it with other systems?
  7. I logged this thread on Friday, any help on this...

    I logged this thread on Friday, any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I just need to know the best way to handle a departmental email address that is shared by multiple users. Please advise.
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    Viewing Mail

    We use the Zimbra Collaboration Server, and Administer several domains. When we are logged into the Administration console, we can conduct all administration to any of the different domain accounts...
  9. Yes it is a Zimbra Collaboration Server, sorry. I...

    Yes it is a Zimbra Collaboration Server, sorry. I didn't realize I posted in the wrong location.
  10. Creating a Shared Mailbox

    Is there a way to setup and share a general mailbox for a group of users in Zimbra? We are using Zimbra 7.1. I know in Exchange, you can set up a mailbox, grant different users to that mailbox, and...
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