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  1. Disallowing a specific account access to the API vs the GUI.

    Is it possible to give any given account access only to the webmail/admin interface, and no access to the SOAP API?
  2. Serivce Protection Customization (zimbraReverseProxyIPLoginLimit)


    I want to be able to set the zimbraReverseProxyIPLoginLimit and zimbraReverseProxyIPLoginLimitTime for a specific range of IPs.

    I.e. I want to allow a certain few hosts involved with a...
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    I've found the solution, the aliases for any...

    I've found the solution, the aliases for any given account are found in an attribute of the account called "zimbraMailAlias" in the GetAccount/GetAllAccounts response.
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    Get list of Aliases via SOAP.

    I've been reading through the admin api reference documents, but I can't seem to find a way to list aliases already created for the domain.

    There is, of course, the addAccountAlias command:
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