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  1. Having `zmcontrol restart` already done after the...

    Having `zmcontrol restart` already done after the patch have been installed, flush cache has been executed with no errors. Thank you.
  2. [SOLVED] Updating to 7.1.1 P1 (3204): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    An old testing environment was just upgraded from 7.0.0 BETA3 to 7.1.1 via 7.1.1 (3196) installer, successful. Then 7.1.1 P1 patch was applied and following...
  3. Is this an answer to my case too?

    Is this an answer to my case too?
  4. I have the same problem from time2time. The...

    I have the same problem from time2time.

    The backup script does a stop, LVM snapshot create, start and back-up using just created snapshot:

    Fri May 27 04:00:01 MSD 2011 Stopping zimbra......
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    Deleted messages stay on disk

    After all messages were deleted in mailbox (flagged '\Deleted' by IMAP and then expunged). After that each folder was checked to be 0 messages size.

    Though, target mailbox was found on disk in...
  6. Strange postfix errors after zmcontrol start

    Hi there

    At one of zimbra sites we administer and support we have experienced a strange postfix errorneous behaviour on Zimbra restart

    All aour sites are configured for daily automatic...
  7. No, the only answers are it this forum thread.

    No, the only answers are it this forum thread.
  8. Zimbra multiple domains cross-GAL without ROOT base

    First an example:
    I have:

    on my zimbra installation.
    I need to allow users of to search through GAL (along with...
  9. Sticky: Kolab Address Book exporter

    I've just finished a tool for bulk export address books from Kolab into Zimbra-compatible CSV files (one file per mailbox).

    It's written in python. Feel free to test and feedback.

    In Kolab...
  10. [SOLVED] Java exception: No trusted certificate found

    Hi there.

    I'm trying to bring up a GNR-607 from perforce on an Ubuntu environment. Though fails to initialize Documents. The install log claims it an SSL issue:

    Fri Jun 11 18:21:04...
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    ZCS from perforce on OpenSuSE 11

    Hi. I'm trying to build ZCS from source based on perforce GNR-607 branch and got stuck with such an error:

    rpmbuild --target i386 --quiet --define '_rpmdir...
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