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    AVG upgrade to 2011 caused same problem

    Did you upgrade to AVG 2011? Ever since I did so, Zimbra Desktop will not start because AVG keeps saying it is finding and quarantining the "JS/Phish" virus. I'm going crazy. Can't get any help on...
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    Thanks for the suggestion--I'll try it tomorrow...

    Thanks for the suggestion--I'll try it tomorrow or Friday when I have some computer time.
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    Zimbra interrupts my games

    Isn't there a setting somewhere to keep Zimbra Desktop from automatically opening when I receive new mail? Or especially from interrupting full-screen programs? I have checked the boxes to only play...
  4. Decided to try downloading the file in the .ics...

    Decided to try downloading the file in the .ics format, and it seems to have imported it just fine.
  5. [SOLVED] Cannot import .csv file for calendar

    I just learned about, downloaded and installed Zimbra Desktop today. Everything working OK so far, except I cannot import a .csv file (Cubs game schedule, of course) to my calendar. I had no trouble...
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