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    Thanks for your help. Appreciate it. And this can...

    Thanks for your help. Appreciate it. And this can be done with the open source edition as well correct?
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    Zimbra Question cant find the answer to

    Im trying to figure out now for a few weeks here or there if i can install zimbra on one main site and use it with a few domains that arent on the same server?

    For example ...
  3. Curious about Collaborating with Tasks and Documents

    I am looking to install ZIMBRA Open-source edition on my VPS server to collaborate and work on a few documents and tasks within our team and group of people. My main concern is does the team have to...
  4. Thanks for the reply

    Thanks for the reply, but I really could care less about gmail. The only reason I am going through gmail is its the only way to sync stuff for me at the moment and gives me the ability to check mail...
  5. A little confused on zimbra desktop and ZCS in general

    I've been reading the zimbra website, community forums and a bunch of other documents to figure out exactly what zimbra is all out and im a bit confused. Maybe someone could answer my questions in...
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