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    yes , it was indicated during the upgrade...

    yes , it was indicated during the upgrade procedure that everything was successfull.
    i also run a tail -f on the zmsetup log file on another session to check all the details . I also did a test...
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    did activatz the license on the command line. ...

    did activatz the license on the command line.

    Did upload and install zimlets from the zimlets-network directory .

    Did stop and start zimbra - logged in again in the admin ui .

    No button for...
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    licensing problems


    did ugrade the foss version from 7.x to 8.0.4 foss without any problem.
    Afterwards i did an upgrade to the network edition with a trial license.
    Received a key ( xml file ) from zimbra...
  4. anybody an idea ?

    anybody an idea ?
  5. upgrading from FOSS 7.1.2 to foss 8.0.4 to Network 8.0.4

    hello , was upgrading my foss7.1.2 this weekend as a test before installing at the client's s premises.

    Did upgrade from 7.1.2 Foss to 8.0.4 foss as indicated . Got afterwards this error message...
  6. i did change the etc/hosts file , restarted...

    i did change the etc/hosts file , restarted zimbra and everything works again .
    Has something to do with the order of the version 4 and 6 ip definition of the localhost.

    It looks like this now ....
  7. [SOLVED] no antispam or antivirus after moving from centos 6.0 to centos 6.3 serv

    Here we go .

    I did an rsync backup of Release 7.1.2_GA_3268.RHEL6_64_20110804131406 CentOS6_64 FOSS edition.
    Installed a new server ( centos 6.3 instead of 6.0, on the same ip as the old server...
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    and version 7 seems to be supported on redhat 6.0...

    and version 7 seems to be supported on redhat 6.0 when you read some docs , but apperently only in beta ??
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    zimbra 5.0.13 on centos 6

    hello ,

    i have an installed zimbra 5.0.13 on redhat 5.1 . It is the Opensource edition. I make a backup with rsync . With some previous releases i did use the rsync copy to test the upgrade...
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    it is appaerently the zmstatuslog program that is executed every 2 minutes. It wants to send mail to [email]zimbra@mail
    When you only have localhost in your postfix config for mydestination, you...
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    no one with an answer ?? I'm talking about...

    no one with an answer ??

    I'm talking about messages in the daily mail status report , send to the administrator.
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    [SOLVED] changing postfix config

    hello ther e,

    i got some messages in the daily status indicating that mail is bouncing to myself . This happens every 2 minutes.

    All mails to external adresses go out , all mails are received ....
  13. using a shared mail folder and marking mails as junk is impossible

    Hello ,

    when i use a shared mailbox , even if i have all the permissions on the shared mailbox , i can't mark mail as junk with the toolbar option. Only the mailbox owner can do this .

  14. i'm trying to upload all mail from old pop...

    i'm trying to upload all mail from old pop accounts to zimbra by subscribing to an imap accoun ton zimbra and doing import of folders. Upload works fine. Did st upload limitation to 100Mb in Zimbra....
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    forwarding and allowed forward adresses

    i can allow some users to do forwarding of emails , and can deny it to others.
    Is there also a "hidden" possibility , so that users can only forward to internal adresses ( own domains ) and not to...
  16. recreating spam and ham account after accidental delete

    deleted both accounts by accident : how can i recreate them easily without to much problems for my existing installation.
    Best <regards
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