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    The error says that the LDAP object class...

    The error says that the LDAP object class posixAccount requires the attribute uidNumber, so you should have at least

    appa @ zimbra: ~ $ zmprov ca password uidnumber 5000

    I think...
  2. I was quite sure that it should be possible...

    I was quite sure that it should be possible although Zimbra support told me that it I want to achieve an unsupported setup.
    Can you please tell me what you configured during install? That's what I...
  3. Multi server installation across private (RFC 1918) and official networks


    I want to set up a ZCS 7.1.3 network edition system with four servers. Two of the servers, the central directory server for ZCS and other applications and the mailstore server, should be in...
  4. Login with uid and emails with


    I think this is a very simple thing but I can not find the solution. I want to set up users so that they can log in with their user IDs but will have email addresses of the form...
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    Documentation of COS parameters

    Hi everyone,

    when I do a

    zmprov gac -v

    there are 300 something COS settings. Is there a complete documentation about all of these parameters?

    Thank you.
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