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    Call them back? Do you have the phone access...

    Call them back? Do you have the phone access code? I almost always get a person when I give them that code.
  2. Daily Mail Report Always Delivered as Junk


    A daily mail report is generated and sent to the admin account in our Zimbra server. The admin account is then set to forward those messages to a group of admins. Unfortunately the daily mail...
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    This just happened to us last weekend. After 5...

    This just happened to us last weekend. After 5 hours with support we found the problem. Check the postfix_sender_restrictions postfix variable and see if it is blank. If it is add the following -...
  4. Migration Less than 30 Days Away - What Should I be Prepared for?

    After several delays and other circumstances we have finally come to within 30 days of our migration from Groupwise! We're very excited to finally get away from Groupwise and finish the migration to...
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    I would recommend going straight through...

    I would recommend going straight through VMWare/Zimbra. We've never had an issue.

    In my experience, if there is a chance to buy it. Zimbra has a sales team and they are very easy to...
  6. Zimbra Quit Sending Mail for Several Hours - where to start

    Our Zimbra server stopped sending mail for several hours today. I've looked in /var/log/zimbra.log and from the estimated time until when everyone's inbox got flooded the logs do not indicate...
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