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  1. Can see Address Book now

    Don't know what happened, but I now can see my contacts. But it created multiple entries for each one.
  2. Cannot import Contacts or Calendar into Beta3

    I installed zdesktop_2_0_beta3_b10479_win32 on my new laptop which has Win7 Home 64-bit. I got email to work fine but I cannot import a CSV file I saved from Outlook 2003. I seems to process the...
  3. thanks for the advice!

    thanks for the advice!
  4. Uninstall first?

    Do I need to uninstall my current version before installing the Beta?
  5. Zimbra 1.0.4 freezes; cannot see Address Book

    I installed zdesktop_1_0_4_build_1833_win32 on my new Win7 Home 64-bit laptop. I was able to send/receive email and import my Outlook contacts. But when I click on the Address Book tab, it never...
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