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  1. Thank you i was able to configure the evolution...

    Thank you i was able to configure the evolution mail by changing the authentification type on the zimbra server.But i still have problem trying to configure outlook for zimbra.I get this error...
  2. connecting to zimbra server from evolution gives error

    I am trying to evaluate zimbra from my company.I installed the opensource version succesfully but i was not able to use evolution mail with it.I created a domain apart from the host i...
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    I also tried the following command zmlocalconfig...

    I also tried the following command zmlocalconfig -s and got
    av_notify_user =
    calendar_outlook_compatible_allday_events = true
    data_source_trust_self_signed_certs = false...
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    Ldap installation error

    I have just started a zimbra installation on a Fedora core 5 using zcs-4.5.0_GA_612.FC4.tgz
    and got the following error.

    Initializing ldap.../opt/zimbra/openldap/sbin/slappasswd: error while...
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