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  1. Anyone else having persona problems with iOS and ActiveSync after upgrading to 7.2.6?

    We upgraded to 7.2.6 this past weekend. Since the upgrade, for users that have a persona, an iphone using ActiveSync, and the ability to send email from another email address enabled, I'm seeing some...
  2. commercial SSL certificate and key size > 2048 bit

    Has anyone successfully used a commercial certificate with a larger key, say 4096 bit, in Zimbra?

    I searched the forums and found one post but no resolution here:...
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    anything undeletable in the trash folder?

    I had this problem when I had some undeletable/immutable folders in my trash (extra Inbox/Sent/Trash folders from doing strange things experimenting with importing mail into my account). It didn't...
  4. Thanks bdial! The cron job in 7.1.4 is: #...

    Thanks bdial!

    The cron job in 7.1.4 is:

    # Delete old imap cache files
    5 */2 * * * find /opt/zimbra/data/mailboxd/imap/cache -type f -mtime +7 -exec rm -f {} \; > /dev/null 2>&1
  5. imap cache directory not expiring files in Zimbra 7.1 [SOLVED]

    Our mailbox servers don't seem to be clearing out imap cache files from /opt/zimbra/data/mailboxd/imap/cache. One has over 450,000 files in that directory (about 50G worth). Most of the files are...
  6. It looks like this was because we had...

    It looks like this was because we had zimbraMtaMaxMessageSize set higher than zimbraFileUploadMaxSize, in case anyone else runs into the issue.
  7. [SOLVED] problem with ZCO - it keeps trying to send oversize files

    We are seeing a lot of network traffic from some ZCO users when they try to email an oversized file. The message sits in the Drafts folder and retries constantly. Deleting the draft doesn't fix the...
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    I'd like to get SMTP AUTH working with Zimbra too

    We have an external spam appliance as the listed mx, and external mail should go to that, not directly to the mail server. Therefore we'd like anything not in mynetworks to have to authenticate.
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