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  1. Can't open mail from Firefox, but IE OK: Unable to load config file


    I had zimbra installed and everything was working fine. Then I installed Outlook, but I could not get Zimbra to open from Firefox. I then uninstalled Outlook, and had the same problem. I...
  2. Did I install the wrong version of Zimbra?

    I am a new user of Zimbra (Vista/ Zimbra version 7.1.1). I keep reading forums and Q&As about Zimbra features that I canít find on my installation.

    For example, I wanted to move multiple emails...
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    Missing Mail Preferences

    I am a new user to Zimbra. I am running Zimbra desktop v 7.1.1 on Windows Vista . When I click on the "Preferences" tab, then select Mail on the left, I do not see the following options:...
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