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  1. Thanks for your response. I tried modifying...

    Thanks for your response. I tried modifying Pages.template and include that as part of my skins install but that didn't help. Is there a documentation I can look at on how to do update template or...
  2. How to remove some settings from Preferences page?

    I am using ZCS 7.2.2. How do I remove some settings from the preference page? For example, I would like to remove the 'Login Options' from the Preference for General? How do I disable or remove it...
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    Zimbra Web Client URL with angle bracket

    We are in the process of upgrading Zimbra 6 to Zimbra 7 and then to Zimbra 8.

    Using a link to create a new Zimbra Compose Window using web URL, it appends %lt and %gt to the email address.

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    Two JSESSIONID on response.sendRedirect()

    I am new to Zimbra and trying to move existing integration from Zimbra 6 to Zimbra 7 (and later to Zimbra 8 once the zimlets and extensions are compiled with new code). I am running into some session...
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