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  1. Brain Freeze

    Pllease forgive me, I had a major brain freeze. If I had my eyes open instead of blinders on I would have seen that the "Tab" had been moved to the left side of the screen.

    Mea Culpa
  2. [SOLVED] Zimbra Beta 2 build 10514 ad import

    Just reinstaled Beta 2 and can't find the import function under preferences. I only find general preferences.

    Where can I find it?
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    Telnet & Gmail

    Thank you for your help with telnet. I checked and it isrunning. Since I poster this message, I was on-line with my server provider (Verizon) and it was suggested I check the security settings for...
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    I have set the gmail account to accept IMAP...

    I have set the gmail account to accept IMAP connections.
    I'm not sure how to check the telnet and port, could you help in this area.
    I'm using ZoneAlarm extreme security and there seems to be no...
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    [SOLVED] Zimbra Beta 2 build 10514 and Gmail

    Installed Beta 2 as above and can't configure Gmail using the menu or as an IMAP type. keep getting the message "Cannot connect to "". Please check host/port and network...
  6. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to "

    "Cannot connect to "". Please check host/port and network connectivity."

    I have an email address at my domain, hosted at gmail apps.

    I get the above error message every time I...
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