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  1. I've got this message once or two. when:...

    I've got this message once or two. when:
    Installed zimbra N°1 lets name it zimbra.zimbra.orgIP N°1
    Then installed a "second zimbra install" for test again.
    lets name it brazim.brazim.orgIP N°2...
  2. Did you add special firewall rules ?? or disabled...

    Did you add special firewall rules ?? or disabled the firewall ?
    if not try to add custom rules in the firewall tab of SystemPref / Sharing pref /

    like 7071 zimbradmin
    389 ldap
    and so on for...
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    this is it…

    here is the result: No crash during the night. the server is up & running.
    So I'm going to dig a little more, and reactivate the firewall and still keep Only One processor. Let you know by the end...
  4. use another NIC card… maybe a MAC adress mess here…

    in case it helps 'Playerson' and others.
    I had the same and it just disapeared by using another NIC card.

    I just quote myself from here:

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    thank you marc,

    Update : I didn't have Netinfo Checked in DIRECTORYACCESS, so I think we can say It is NOT the "DirectoryAccess - Netinfo" stuff.

    I did deactive One proc and turned the Firewall...
  6. mostly for zimbra developper : OsX-java1.5-usr/bin/java and opt/zimbra/java

    AS I wrote in quite some posts here, I DID CHANGE the symlink of CurrentJDK to directly point to 1.5.0 in /System/Library/Frameworks…
    wich is as far as I'm concerned the only way I've found to get...
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    Clues to OsX Daily Crashes:

    I'm running zimbra on OsX, and really like it.
    But I've a Daily crash occuring.
    to make zimbra work I did trick the symlink of CurrentJDK to point to 1.5.0 to get java1.5 up and running, and wrote...
  8. JAVA is definitly getting me mad on OsX…

    all in the title…

    I tried, tried, tried and gave up.
    THE ONLY WAY I GET THIS TO WORK IS TO change the CurrentJDK symlink.

    Doing this-> the symlinks in /usr/bin automaticaly points to...
  9. I really think JAVA is the pb on OsX


    Marcman knows that I said on another post I'll do another install.
    I did… And I've the same pb as YOU.

    So right now the only way to make this works is to change the symlink of CurrentJDK...
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    so reactive… thx

    Ok I understood and I'm gonna to see if I can determine @ what time it crashes. I don't really think it's a specific time. it seems it's more like after 'some uptime' more or less...
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    ok logs:

    my system just crashed AGAIN. I really don't understand what's going on.
    the good thing is that I was just there and saw it about few minutes after.
    Just had the time to restart the server...
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    looked at it

    hum, Sorry I check out the link, but didn't really helped me find out.
    mysql seems to be fine, tomcat too. but no logs.

    AS it seems to be somewhat linked to java version and that I'm on MacosX, I...
  13. Java_home on OsX

    from nigelkersten:

    I just chnaged the symlink for JAVA_HOME as suggested.
    made it point to (/Library/Java/Home, wich in fact points to)
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    safari can't write - can read -> firefox

    Just use firefox… to get it work.
    Safari can access and readONLY.

    Firefox work perfectly…
    Come on Apple fix SAFARI…
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    I'll look at this… thx

    I'll look at this…
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    Monitoring : Data not yet avalaible

    in the webconsole/server stats, I've got everywhere : "Data not yet avalaible".
    for the last 30/60/365 days I think I do now why ;) but it's been some time now that i should see something in 48h ?...
  17. java tricks doesn't work for me - back to ugly solution

    Couldn't wait… So I've done it
    back to JAVA 1.4*
    remove the symlink pointing to 1.5 and made one symlink pointing back to 1.4
    edited the .baschrc file and added the line
  18. nigelkersten: I looked for this… thx, I saw...


    I looked for this… thx, I saw tha tit wasn't very recommended to do it the way I did, but didn't found (search enough) your magic command : JAVA_JVM_VERSION.
    And I'm a...
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    1°) can you acces "some service - host" other than zimbra server ?
    Can you connect like a web server, ssh, or any test box or client? in your ZimbraLAN side from Internet(WAN) [with the correct...
  20. done

    I'm Impressed & honored…
    I've signed the doc and just send by fax.
  21. I'm paranoid: Just Clone your disc or whatever...

    I'm paranoid:
    Just Clone your disc or whatever backup before using this !!
    -I'm gonna right now launch CarbonCopyCloner to save this working configuration.
    So, Just do so… you're warned.

    ( even...
  22. Working StartupItems (OsX) to autolaunch zimbra at boot:

  23. the StartupParameters.plist code doesn't display...

    the StartupParameters.plist code doesn't display well.
    so you should download the zip file and cut and paste from your mac.

    Codes for the functions
    zmautolaunch; zmautostop; zmautostatus;...
  24. script codes :

    For the StartupItems

    1st file:
    The StartupParameters.plist:

    --begining of file StartupParameters.plist ( from next line)
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC...
  25. ZimbraOsXAutoLauncher StartupItems Script & extras

    this is a followup of this thread:

    My first script :) …
    [Working on mac OsX 10.4.3]

    Well it took me some time… And finally made a script to...
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