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    Zmprov gqu nbt working

    Hi All,

    While I am trying to get the mail quota usage of any user im getting following error.

    ERROR: service.INVALID_REQUEST (invalid request: can only be used with SOAP)

    Any help on this...
  2. Hi, Thanks for looking into this, here is the...


    Thanks for looking into this, here is the "zmcontrol status"
    antispam Running
    antivirus Running
    ldap Running
    logger ...
  3. netstat -ntpl output|not port 80

    Thanks Doug

    I am running RHEL 5.1 32 bit with zcs open source 6.0.13 ..

    this is my netstat -ntpl result

    netstat -ntpl
    Active Internet connections (only servers)
    Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local...
  4. Just got to know netstat -ntpl does not show 80 110 443

    netstat -ntpl does not show port 80 110 443 listeing ..... any clue ????????Please ?????
  5. Mailboxd is not running |stuck without help over 24 hrs

    Hi all,

    Need urgent help!

    mailboxd is not running i have searched the post perhaps i have been doing this for over 24 hrs no help or may be i am missing something. Given below is the...
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    Need Help with ZCS open source clustering

    Hi tapan,
    Hope you are doing well,

    We have 6.0.13 open source in our environment mail box store mounted on DAS, and have a one spare server with same configuration but no other DAS.

    I am an...
  7. ZCS open source:- How to Usermailbox migration to New Server

    Hi All,

    Here is the situtaion, The Current server we have is really in bad shape (Configuration files has been Badly mishandled, Users have multiple copies of messages in their mailbox) and hence...
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    Hi Bill, I seems to to get into the same...

    Hi Bill,

    I seems to to get into the same problem. Zimbra host only shows Its works.. Please help...While running zmcontrol status is show mailbox not running... "zmmailboxdctl start" start the...
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